How to calculate time difference between two countries in odia- Latitude and longitude in odia

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How to calculate time difference between two countries in odia- Latitude and longitude in odia

An important factor in determining time zones is the lines of latitude and longitude. Imaginary lines known as latitude and longitude divide the Earth. Latitude lines are "drawn" east and west and they measure north and south. The lines start at the equator and measure distance from 0 degrees to 90 degrees north and also 0 degrees to 90 degrees south. They also become shorter the farther away they get from the equator. On the other hand, longitude lines are "drawn" north and south and they measure east and west. They start at the Prime Meridian (or 0 degrees) and measure from 0 degrees to 180 degrees east and 180 degrees west. Unlike lines of latitude, these lines are fairly equal in length. The origin of this spherical coordinate system is at 0 deg. latitude and 0 deg. longitude. This spot can be found in the Atlantic Ocean just south and west of Africa. Also, the two lines connect at 180 degrees or at the International Date Line. This too helps to determine the different time zones throughout the world.

Together all of the above information can be used to calculate the difference of time between two locations. First, you need to know what longitude the two places are located in. Next, you would need to find the differences in longitude (in degrees) between the two places. If both places are located on the same side of the Prime Meridian, then the numbers are just simply subtracted to find the difference. If they are on the opposite side of the Prime Meridian then the two numbers should be added together to find the difference. Second you need to divide the difference (measured in degrees) by 15 since there are 15 degrees in every hour. This will give you the difference in time between the two locations. So if you know what time it is in one location, and the longitude of another location, then just simple addition or subtraction problem will give you the time in a different time zone. Let's look at another way we may have to calculate the difference between time of two locations.
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