Napoleon's Marshals (Pt 5) REACTION

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Hello Everyone. Today we are reacting to a user-requested series by the YouTube channel "Epic History" about Napoleon and his conquest of Europe. It will begin with his crucial victory at the "Siege of Toulon" and end with his exile to the British-owned island of Saint Helena in the Southern Atlantic Ocean. There are also a few nonchronological videos for important background information. I am looking forward to the rest of this series.

Siege of Toulon Reaction:

Napoleonic Infantry Tactics Reaction:

Austerlitz Reaction:

Jena Reaction:

Friedland Reaction:

Spain Reaction:

Aspern Reaction:

Wagram Reaction:

Spain Again Reaction:

Russia Reaction:

Borodino Reaction:

Napoleon's Retreat Reaction:

Road to Leipzig reaction:

Leipzig Reaction:

Endgame Reaction:

Waterloo Reaction:

Napoleon's Marshals Pt.1 Reaction:

Napoleon's Marshals Pt.2 Reaction:

Napoleon's Marshals Pt.3 Reaction:

Napoleon's Marshals Pt.3.5 Reaction:

Napoleon's Marshals Pt.4 Reaction:

Napoleon's Marshals Pt.4.5 Reaction:

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In 1804 Napoleon created 18 'Marshals of the Empire', to serve as the senior officers of the Grande Armée. He created a further 8 before his abdication. A few were aristocrats, but others were the sons of shopkeepers or tailors. The most favoured became princes and kings. Among their ranks were legendary figures such as Marshals Lannes, Ney, Soult, Davout and Massena, but also much less well know figures like Pérignon, Brune and Moncey. Our series will explore the lives of all 26 Marshals, and rank them according to our own judgement of their achievements as Marshals.

Thank you to our series historical consultant Lt.Col.Rémy Porte, whose blog on military history (in French) you can read here: http://guerres-et-conflits.over-blog....​

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???? The Napoleonic Wars by Todd Fisher​
???? Napoleon's Wars by Charles Esdaile​
???? Napoleon the Great by Andrew Roberts​

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???? Additional music from Kevin MacLeod (
'Egmont Overture', Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0​

Thank you to Alexander Averyanov for permission to use his artwork, 'Battle of Eylau' and 'Fighting for the Bagration Flèches'.

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Thank you all for watching and make sure to check out "Epic History TV!'
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