Best motorcycle cleaner & how to clean your bike | Dish-soap, Muc-Off, S100, Motul, Pro-GreenMX...

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There are hundreds of products out there that you could use to clean your motorcycle with, but this test has proven that some could be extremely damaging. Whether you're using bike-specific cleaners, car cleaners or even household products, it's important to understand how the wrong chemicals can cause serious harm to the plastics and finishes on your bike.
In this video we look at the material compatibility and cleaning performance of a huge range of products, we'll show you how to quickly and easily wash your motorcycle, and we'll look at the science of whether you can safely use washing-up liquid...

▶️ 00:00​ Introduction
▶️ 02:31 How the material compatibility tests were done
▶️ 04:42 Types of cleaners you might come across
▶️ 07:00 Material compatibility results
▶️ 10:56 The importance of PH values
▶️ 11:44 How the cleaning performance test was done
▶️ 12:53 Recommended motorcycle cleaners
▶️ 17:15 Best Buy motorcycle cleaners
▶️ 19:06 Is it safe to use washing-up liquid?
▶️ 22:54 How to clean your motorcycle
▶️ 26:32 Conclusion

Big thanks to the companies that helped me with this test:
Evotech Performance, manufacturers of motorcycle parts & accessories.
Accident repair specialist 4th Dimension.
Aftermarket screen manufacturer Skidmarx.
Trail and adventure parts manufacturer Rally Raid products.
Aftermarket and performance parts specialist B&C Express.

The Vikan brush used in this video can be found at various retailers:

Link to the full article:

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This test included a total of 69 cleaning products, some at multiple dilution levels, and featured several commonly-used household and automotive products. The motorcycle-specific cleaners on test are:
Ammo .243 Degreaser/cleaner
Ammo Magnum Power Cleaner
Ammo Pro Force 10 Wheel Cleaner
Ammo Pro Typhoon Wash & Shield
BikeCare Gel Motorcycle Cleaner
BikeCare Liquid Motorcycle Cleaner
BikeCare Evo Motorcycle Cleaner
Chemical Guys Motorcycle Cleaner & Degreaser
Dirtbusters Bio Bike Cleaner
Dirt Wash Citrus Degreaser (100%)

Fenwicks Bike Cleaner
Guy Martin Proper Motorcycle Cleaner
Guy Martin Proper General Cleaner
Halfords Extreme Bike Cleaner

M16 Extreme Bike Clean

Mirror Image APC
Motul E2 Moto Wash
Motul E3 Wheel Clean
Motul E7 Insect Remover
Muc-Off Bicycle Cleaner
Muc-Off bike Cleaner Concentrate (100%)
Muc-Off aerosol Motorcycle Degreaser
Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner

Pro-GreenMX Bike Wash
Pro-GreenMX Drivetrain cleaner
Putoline Put Off Concentrated
R&G Motorcycle aerosol Degreaser
R&G Nano Bike Wash
Rhino Goo
S100 Total Gel Cleaner
Shiny Sauce
Silkolene Fuchs Wash Off
Unlimited Passion Red Effect Wheel Cleaner
Unlimited Passion Ungrease


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